Beyond Good and Evil HD Review

Beyond Good and Evil HD Review

Reviewed by Phoenix Ready

Beyond Good and Evil was originally met with much acclaim from the critics in 2003, but not as much from the gaming public. It hit the shelves in early November for the PS2 and PC, and December for Xbox and Gamecube. Some say its biggest hurdle to overcome was the other games that were around that holiday season. With games like Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker and Dark Cloud 2 still fresh on the scene, it was easy to get left behind on the holiday shelves.

Beyond Good and Evil’s main star is Jade, a tenacious young private investigator who runs an orphanage with her Uncle Pey’j, and is also a photographer for a local an animal conservatory. Jade’s main objective throughout the game is exposing a government conspiracy who she believes is working for a race of malicious aliens called “The Domz”.

The Verdict


The Good: This game provides quite a bit of gameplay variations which really streamed together nicely, this can be attributed to the engine used to design the game which was made to facilitate many different types of gameplay together seamlessly. Whether it is sneaking past some enemies, piloting your hovercraft or playing some arcade like games at the “Akuda Bar” it never leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Now I would not say that the game was leading in the way of innovation, but everything it does do, it does so very well.
The cartoony art style that they went with for the original version on the previous generation of consoles still keeps it’s relevancy with the HD remake of the game. One of the best selling points for this game in my opinion was the amazing soundtrack to the game. The mood was always complimented by the feel the music gave off and it made the game have a generally better atmosphere throughout the game.

The Bad: There is no perfect game so let’s look at some of the less desirable features of this game. For those of us who play inverted, this game is simply not for you, because what happens is when you invert the Y axis, it also inverts the X axis as well. There is no say yet on whether or not an update will fix this issue, but for now, inverted camera controls do not work. As for regular camera controls, there are times where you may find yourself slamming your right joystick in all directions trying to see what you need.
One more thing that I wouldn’t say is a complaint as much as it was an observation, but I found that throughout the game you will fight many bosses and larger enemies and overall I found them to be fairly easy in difficulty. The last boss fight, however was an unreal amount more difficult than anything else you ever fight in the game, so prepare yourself for that.

Beyond Good and Evil is a gem from the previous generation that was definitely worth reviving. I would encourage everyone to download this HD remake of a very underrated game from the past. Who knows maybe if this game does better in sales in its HD life than it did in its original console life maybe there is a possibility of a Beyond Good and Evil 2 in the future? I would give Beyond Good and evil HD remake a 4.5 out of 5.

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