Pokemon X/Y Review

Pokemon X/Y Review

Reveiwed by Joel Vandermeulen

Pokémon X and Y are the two newest installments of the main Pokémon franchise . Set in a new Parisian-esq region known as Kalos. The game, like other Pokémon titles, features brand new characters, and Pokémon. This game however has completely 3D graphics to make the most of the Nintendo 3DS. As per the usual Pokémon style, your character sets out on an adventure to collect the region’s eight gym badges and become the Champion of the Elite Four. All the while your character is foiling the plans of the dastardly Team Flare, who plan to make the world a more beautiful place (I know it doesn’t sound evil, but play the game and it make sense…).


If you’re into timelines of game series, this game takes place after the events of Pokémon Black 2 & White 2.


The Verdict


The Good: I found that this game has truly come together to form one of the best titles in the entire series. Game Freak has obviously noted a lot of the mistakes in previous generations and actively worked to fix them, a few of my favourites are:

1. It is way easier to get into the competitive side of Pokémon with this game. Effort Values, which were hidden statistics that increased your Pokémon’s regularly visible stats (Speed, Attack, Defense, etc.) have been acknowledged are freely and easily trained thanks to a new app used on the touch screen called Super Training. Breeding mechanics have also become more accessible through new items. Furthermore the abilities of your Pokémon can easily be changed by purchasing an item called and Ability Capsule with Battle Points you earn in the Battle Maison. This helps to eliminate hours and hours of grinding you would have needed to perform in previous generation games.

2. I’m very impressed by the online support of the game. Everything from regular battles and trading all the way up to the new Wonder Trade are solid. Wonder Trade is especially wonderful (Ha ha ha), it basically allows you to send out a random Pokémon, which is then traded for someone else’s random Pokémon. This can often lead to a bad trade (i.e. the 20 million Japanese Bunnelby’s I have received) or it can lead to a great trade (Sure I’ll take a level 40 Scyther!), but these types of surprises are what makes Wonder Trade so fun.

On top of these two major points I’m also really impressed by the animations of all the different Pokémon, as it really helps to bring the Pokémon to life during battles and in Pokémon Amie. The Kalos region also seems to contain many mysteries; there are locked power plant entrances, a mysterious souvenir that comes from an unknown region, and a new director who has travelled into the mountains to find a mythical Pokémon, just to name a few. Furthermore the small touches help: the way the lamp on your bicycle lights up at night, when you’re character idles and stretches, being able to change your trainer’s appearance, and how they bend down to interact with kids and small Pokémon. I’m also a big fan of the Ken Sugimori-style artwork of each trainer prior to the beginning of each battle.

The Bad: Just like with any game there are always going to be negative points. Pokémon X and Y are pretty solid games, but I do have two main gripes:

1. NOT ENOUGH NEW Pokémon. There are only 69 new Pocket Monsters in generation 6 (72 if you include the leaked legendaries, and 92 if you include all the known Mega Evolutions). This is way less than any of the other gens. My personal opinion is that the Strange Souvenir will somehow let you travel to the unknown region which will contain at least a dozen new Pokémon… but that is all speculation on my part.

2. Slurpuff. What is this thing? Why does it exist? I don’t even know. In my opinion, this is the worst designed Pokémon ever. It’s like someone at Game Freak looked at Mr. Mime and said “Hmmm, how can we make this Pokémon worse?”.

My third gripe is significantly less of a big deal, and is technically related to a different piece of software. Currently any Pokémon you have saved in you White/Black/White 2/Black 2 games cannot be transferred over to the generation 6 games, but this will all change on December 27th, 2013. This is the date that Nintendo releases the Pokémon Bank and Poke Transporter applications allowing you to bring your older Pokémon over. The only reason this bothers me is due to the annual fee of $4.99, but I won’t be using it long enough for this to really affect me.

As you can see from “The Bads” section, most of the complaints I have about the game are minor. Overall I find the newest installments in the world of Pokémon to be fun, interesting, and allow competitive play (Mega Evolutions, easier EV training,etc.) to become more accessible. If I had been eight when these game were released like I had been with Red and Blue, I would have eaten them up just the same. Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

I give these games a Mewnine out of Mewten

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