Tearaway Review

Tearaway Review

Reviewed by Andrew Gilbert

Tearaway is the latest plat-former for the PS Vita from cutesy-developer Media Molecule. It stars “Iota”, a little papercraft messenger, whose tasked with delivering a letter to you, the player, who has appeared in the games sun. The entire world of Tearaway is paper-craft and Media Molecule uses this to create an entirely unique style and atmosphere for a perfectly adorable adventure.

Tearaway Screen

Screenshot of the beginning of the game


The Verdict


The Good: Tearaway’s aforementioned style is a breath of fresh colorful air in an industry dominated by brown, black and grey. Each moment is cuter than the last and every new character you meet or “friend” you make charms the pants off of you almost instantaneously. The game lets you in on the cuteness by giving you a drawing table, where you can craft your own decorations to use on your Iota, or other characters. Iota has an in-game camera that you can use to take pictures of whatever your heart desires in the world of Tearaway, including Iota him/herself.
The game also makes great use of the Vita’s camera, using the front facing camera to make you the face of the sun, peering down at all the papercraft world. One of my personal favourite moments of Tearaway is when a deer asks you to make him a new coat, which you use the Vita camera to do so with by taking a picture of any texture that tickles your fancy and it begins to pop up on deers all throughout the game! (I used broccoli for mine!)
Tearaway also makes great use of the Vita’s touch screen and rear touch pad. The touch screen is used mainly for the game’s drawing table and applying decorations. The rear pad is used for sticking your finger right into the game and moving obstacles out of Iota’s path, or just tapping on it to bounce him/her across platforms.

The Bad: The only particularly “bad” thing I could find about Tearaway is the combat. It’s easily the game’s weakest point, being unexciting and repetitive. Although new enemies and a couple inventive weapons are introduced throughout the game, it doesn’t really keep it from feeling stale the whole way through.

The Verdict:

Despite the repetitive combat, Tearaway is a wondrous, exciting journey not to be missed for any Vita owner. It relishes in it’s own creativity, and deservedly so. I would say Tearaway is a console defining game, making expert use of pretty much all the Vita has to offer.


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