New Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Screens Show Off New Features

Earlier today, the Metal Gear Solid Facebook ┬ápage posted some new screenshots showing off some of the games new features, as well as improvements upon some more familiar features of the Metal Gear Solid series. Let’s take a look!


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Here we see Snake taking down a guard using CQC, but the caption that was posted with the image (“Snake has forged his fighting style after years of combat and woe be to anyone who crosses his path.”) insinuates that hand to hand combat will be more elaborate and feature more ways to take care of guards, including over the wall takedowns and multiple interrogation options.




A first for Metal Gear Solid, vehicles can be commandeered for quick getaways. Clearly, this is a jeep, just one of many ways to get out of a sticky situation.




This is the APC, a weaponized armored vehicle that Snake can also use to escape in high octane situations. The APC is a lot louder than the jeep, so choose wisely if you want a quick getaway, or a violent one.



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These are just a couple screenshots of the in game map. You’ll notice in the second screen, all the marked enemies show up as orange triangles. You’ll have to use your map to call in helicopter ex-filtration once you complete your objective to one of multiple landing zones. Be careful though, because enemy troops will be keeping an eye out for unfriendly vehicles.




This is a screenshot of the Xbox One exclusive Raiden Mission “Jamais Vu”. It looks to be close to the beginning of the mission, with the Kojima Productions logo being part of the opening credits.




Here, Snake is jumping from the top of one crate to another, implying that he’ll have more options in the way of movement. It looks like one major improvement is a more cohesive jump, as opposed to the tuck and roll from past Metal Gear titles.




Clearly Snake is picking a lock here, which is another new aspect to the Metal Gear series. The caption for this picture also referenced other obstacles that will return in the game, including avoiding spotlights and cameras.


So what do you guys think? Ground Zeroes drops 12 days from now, let us know what you think of how you think this prologue to The Phantom Pain will play out in the comments below!



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