Why You Need to Buy Final Fantasy X/X-II HD

I realize that the title seems a bit forceful, but I guarantee you my intentions are all in your benefit. If you are like a lot of Final Fantasy fans out there you may be wondering why; out of all the Final Fantasy games that have come out, why make a remake of X and X-II? Well there is a very good reason, and it all comes down to time and cost. The easiest game to remake is the one that already had some closer to HD standards and X and X-II were the first of the Final Fantasy games to not include pre-rendered background images. The previous games in the series (Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX) all contained pre-rendered images of their levels for the most part in their games.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX








What does this mean exactly? It means that for those previous games in the series, to have the revamped in HD they will have to rebuild the game from the ground up with 3D graphics rather than static images, which is obviously a lot of work. I feel this is Square-Enix trying out the waters for future plans of perhaps some other Final Fantasy HD Remasters. Which brings me to my original point; if you want to see some future Final Fantasy HD remakes like VII, VIII and IX for example, we all have to show our support for this title. Square-Enix has been going through a lot of financial turmoil in the past years with ┬ásuch failures as the original launch of the MMO Final Fantasy XIV. It has since picked it’s self up after the “Realm Reborn” re-launch of the game, but a huge initial loss for them anyway.


Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX will require a complete redesign of the game, levels, characters and its assets. It will be a large endeavor to take on. It is of my opinion that we should show our support for such future endeavors by supporting what they give us now, and encourage them to do more in the future, and that my friends is why I feel you need to buy Final Fantasy X/ X-II HD Remaster.


  1. anon March 18, 2014 4:37 am  Reply

    I wouldn’t call this testing the waters for Square so much as a tried and true practice; they’ve been re-releasing(vamping?) Final Fantasy titles for years to great success (See: FFI 4 times since original release, FFII 5 times, FFIV 4 times… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_video_games).

    An HD re-release for the PS era Final Fantasy games seems pretty unlikely anywhere in the future especially in consideration of the recent relaunches of VII and VIII on Steam, seems like a pretty poor business move to re-release your nostalgic game to a new audience and then immediately jump into the (very costly) production of a slightly altered version of the same product. Like you said, “for those previous games in the series, to have them revamped in HD they will have to rebuild the game from the ground up with 3D graphics rather than static images”. To bring them up to any HD standard outside of a simple upscaling of resolution would require an infeasible amount of money and man-hours to be spent on games that, while nostalgic, really are too out-of-date in terms of design to dig from their rosy graves.

    All this just my opinion of course..

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